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VMware Mobility: Story Graphics

Grok created an interactive storytelling platform that brought case studies to life in the form of “Story Graphics.”  These immersive, interactive worlds demonstrate how VMware is transforming industries.


“The look of the new campaign is both unexpectedly different and unmistakably VMware. Grok did a great job of creating the stopping power we need to stand out in a crowded market and build awareness for our new positioning. We’re thrilled that Grok has delivered a platform we can truly build on.”

— AJ Herrera, VMware Senior Director of Marketing Strategy


Creatively telling a complex story.

Enterprise mobility was relatively new, but VMware Mobility had no presence in this market. Grok built a new kind of, interactive, multi-touch user experience to showcase their growing influence.


Launching a new experience.

The immersive worlds cover the in-depth stories of five major industries: healthcare, finance, retail, education, and government. Grok’s strategic launch of Story Graphics on VMware’s content and news site, The Bridge, helped drive traffic and engagement from day one.


The initial five Story Graphics were produced as standalone interactive modules to facilitate media-agnostic content development. From these modules, Grok created everything from tradeshows to personalized presentations.

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Unique problem, unique solution.

To demonstrate mobility tools in action, Grok worked with Taylor James to create Custom-CGI elements. Our in-house developers designed a unique zoom-in functionality with clickable information points featuring product offerings, proof points, and industry stats.

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A story of success.

Traffic to The Bridge, VMware’s news portal, jumped over 250% in the first week. Since then, Story Graphics have been viewed in over 175 countries.