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LeanData: Brand Reinvention

Grok transformed LeanData from a niche CRM solution to an essential revenue-accelerating brand


LeanData recently unveiled a major rebrand, in what is one of the best examples of rebranding I’ve ever seen.

Ravi Mohan, Co-Founder, Managing Director, Shasta Ventures


A great start.

LeanData, a Silicon Valley startup founded by two brilliant engineers, solved a slew of problems inherent in CRM. They made it simple to align sales and marketing efforts to close deals faster.

But explaining it wasn’t so simple. To get to the next level, LeanData brought in a new CMO who brought in Grok.



Working closely with LeanData’s founders, CMO, and other key execs, the GrokShop branding process enabled a brand vision, promise, and narrative to crystalize quickly. Grok developed a new brand identity system that gave LeanData the gravitas they needed to grow their business beyond medium-sized companies to gain a larger slice of the enterprise pie.  

With new branding, a new story to tell, and a new level of confidence, LeanData launched their first ever digital campaign and hosted a major industry event.


“I really appreciate how Grok kept us focused and true to our brand value and goal of transforming LeanData from ‘important’ to ‘essential.’ The internal and external feedback has been awesome.”

 — Karen Steele, Chief Marketing Officer, LeanData


A new start.

To reach B2B decision makers, Grok, along with Palisades Media Group, launched a six-month digital campaign with high-reach outlets like The Wall Street Journal and endemic publishers like Martech Today. Executions varied from paid social for LinkedIn to WSJ homepage takeovers and programmatic ads. It was the biggest media budget LeanData had ever allocated.

MacBook Space Gray.png

Immediate impact.

Grok’s work was effective from launch with all KPIs showing a correlation to media spend. As organizations planned their tech stacks for the next year, LeanData surpassed aggressive end-of-year sales quotas. From signage to swag, LeanData’s new branding is making its mark, internally and externally.