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A GrokShop is a strategic workshop that facilitates and accelerates brand transformation.

It’s a collaborative, flexible and efficient process where key client decision makers come together to gain insight into their challenges, consider all options, and agree on a strategic direction to achieve their business goals.

Our bespoke process delivers a roadmap to make those goals a reality.


The Process.

There are 3 basic steps.

Knowledge acquisition.

Brainstorm & Collaboration.


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Brainstorm & Collaboration:

To ensure alignment and a unified voice, key internal and external stakeholders gather in one place. Insights gathered from the Knowledge Acquisition phase guide both the conversation and brainstorming exercises. Our flexibility in tailoring the GrokShop ensures that we are not wasting time as we work towards a distinctive brand strategy.

It’s imperative that everyone comes to the table ready to focus. It’s a sleeves-rolled-up and digital-devices-down kind of day.


Knowledge acquisition:

We conduct all necessary primary research, whether it’s from employees, customers, prospects or stakeholders. Grok will research all relevant information, develop proactive analyses and assessments, and outline strategic imperatives through any of the following areas of research:

• Stakeholder Interviews (phone or in-person)

• Existing research

• Surveys

• Focus Groups

• Desktop Research

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By the end of our workshop, we will have full team consensus on brand positions and strategy, as well as next steps and responsibilities. With alignment from all key stakeholders, Grok will begin bringing to life whatever creative and strategic deliverables are required.



GrokShops have hosted CEOs, CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Senior Product, Sales, and HR executives. Successful outcomes have included brand strategies that have led to successful IPOs, double-digit revenue growth, and billion-dollar acquisitions. All of which proves that in the vast virtual world of technology, nothing beats getting a bunch of smart people into the same room to hash things out.


A new vision.

“Grok is a world-class agency who helped us turn a global collection of separate companies into a unified and unique brand.” – CMO, Chris Lynch

After years of mergers and acquisitions, Cision, a global PR software company, had major challenges. How to reorganize their companies, many of them well-known PR industry brands. How to communicate their unique ability to measure ROI in earned media. And how to position themselves for an IPO three years down the road.

Grok conducted two months of research with customer focus groups in two countries, stakeholder interviews in six countries, and a survey of over 3,000 global employees.

A GrokShop was held with leaders from various Cision offices, including their CEO and CMO, where vigorous debate led to an alignment on a new brand architecture. All acquired companies would become services under the Cision master brand umbrella.

Grok began crafting a new mission, vision, and promise to employees, customers, and prospects, as well as a new brand narrative, video, and brand identity guidelines.

Cision reduced their three-year IPO goal down to three months. The new Cision brand made its global debut with a Times Square takeover. And all marketing materials were in place for Cison’s $2.4 billion IPO, the 2nd largest tech IPO of 2017.


Helping more wishes come true, faster.

In 2013, after 30 years, Make-A-Wish/Metro New York celebrated granting its 10,000th wish. They held a GrokShop to decide how to celebrate the 10,000th milestone, but also how to leverage it for future fundraising. Because granting wishes and fundraising had accelerated every year, Make-A-Wish needed to continue momentum with an idea that would be part celebration and part motivation.

Grok created “10 in 10”, an ambitious mission for the organization to grant the next 10,000 wishes in 10 years. “10 in 10” became the strategic platform to attract multiple-year givers, the difficult and highly desirable model for all philanthropies. Fundraisers could now position every request for donations as part of this bigger mission.

As a direct result, Make-A-Wish/Metro New York received the largest single donation in its history: ten million dollars. Now, the organization is on target to complete the next 10,000 wishes by 2023.


From startup to grown up.

Every business that uses CRM (Customer Relationship Management) knows the lead, routing, and attribution process is misaligned, disjointed, and chaotic. In fact, it was so frustrating to two Silicon Valley engineers, they created LeanData to fix it. Their software innovation soon became popular for those in marketing and sales ops who wanted their business’s CRM to be simpler, more efficient, and more effective.

LeanData had built a great tool. But they came to Grok to build a great brand. One that would pave the way for future innovations and capture the founders’ passion for making data something that could accelerate revenue, not inhibit it.

While the CRM world is complicated with jargon and acronyms, Grok listened to the founders and key executives talk about what they do and how they do it in simple terms that communicated real benefits. We knew there was an opportunity to capture their intelligence and plainspoken attitude to create a distinctive voice for the LeanData brand.

Grok crafted a total communications plan articulating a new Brand, Vision, Promise, and Narrative. From new logo to new language, Grok’s visual and verbal makeover for LeanData positioned the brand for the future and resonated throughout the company and the industry.

According to Ravi Mohan, Managing Director of Shasta Ventures, “This is one of the best rebrands I’ve ever seen.”  


Envisioning a brand transformation.

After numerous acquisitions, EnvisionRx, a Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) company, grew from a small “transparent” (flat fee) PBM model to a full-service PBM offering wide range of financial, pharmacy, insurance and healthcare solutions.

We designed a GrokShop to help EnvisionRx’s leadership team transform into a new, bigger and more competitive player while leveraging their existing strengths.

We repositioned the brand as “Visibly Different” and created a new brand voice driven by the “Everyday Hero” archetype, to speak to both external and internal audiences.

The results go deeper than a new corporate identity system, brand architecture, tagline, website and collateral materials, all of which we created. Grok’s brand vision for EnvisionRx now permeates their entire culture, even to the point where employees are measured on whether they behave like Everyday Heroes.


Creating order out of chaos.

As a leader in sales management software, CallidusCloud was an authority in pretty much everything "sales" related. Except one: selling themselves. After a long period of acquisitions, they were faced with a vast, confusing collection of disparate products, services and brands.

The GrokShop process allowed us to “simplify a complicated mess” according to their CMO. We simplified their organization around four key pillars: Hire, Train, Marketing and Sales. Grok created a coherent branding platform that determined how to treat sub-brands, and helped define their strategy for future acquisition.

In fact, our brand architecture solution inspired their new logo design. Grok also created a new verbal and visual identity system, along with a set of brand guidelines.

All, in less than three months.


Making wellness programs healthier.

Tailwind is an in-house agency at Cigna whose job is to accelerate employee engagement in the company’s health and wellness programs.

But Tailwind wanted to go beyond the walls of Cigna to help outside companies increase employee participation in their corporate health and wellness programs.

Through the GrokShop process, we helped Tailwind successfully reposition itself within Cigna and gave them the tools to reach outside corporations. Grok's communication strategy for Tailwind included a new brand character and voice, mission statement, manifesto, and logo design.