Ninety-nine percent of the Fortune 500 rely on VMware. And for over five years, VMware has relied on Grok to help guide strategy and creative to a global audience of IT influencers.

VMware’s goal to raise brand awareness as a leader in cloud computing is no easy task considering that VMware is outspent 40 to 1 by competitors like IBM, Cisco and Microsoft.

Among a variety of efforts, including our latest global campaign, Grok is helping VMware achieve their ambitions.

VMware’s unaided awareness in cloud infrastructure rose from 19% to 25%, year-over-year in the U.S. (It started at 4% in 2011). VMware now has the 3rd highest association with hybrid cloud at 40%, behind Microsoft at 52% and IBM at 47%.

Internationally, recall and brand association with the new campaign in the past three months, performed as well or better than it did in the U.S.
Qlik is a visual analytics software company whose products are used by 35,000 customers and 1,700 partners in over 100 countries.

Qlik needed to boost awareness in the U.S. with a brand advertising campaign that would educate the target audience on what makes Qlik different: its unique ability to help users discover unexpected connections within big data.

Grok’s campaign visually demonstrates the surprising connections between two seemingly unrelated data points.

The “Whole Story” campaign launched in September 2015 in the New York Times, five major market newspapers, digital out-of-home in the nation’s busiest airports, and on TV on CNN’s network airport.

The campaign has been so well received in the U.S. that a global expansion is planned.
With Grok’s strategic guidance and consistent break-through creative, Estroven remains the #1 menopause brand within the supplement category. Since the launch of the Menopause Monologues campaign, sales of Estroven products continue to climb following each TV flight, and even when advertising is off the air. All of which is especially gratifying considering the menopause supplement category is in decline.
In 2009, when Culturelle started working with Grok, it was the only product in an unknown probiotic category, with only $7 million in sales.

Soon after, the probiotic category exploded, not only with yogurts like Activia, but with giant competitors like P&G, Phillips and Bayer who introduced new probiotic products with budgets that exceeded Culturelle’s by more than 50 to 1.

Grok’s strategic savvy and experience on big global brands, combined with insightful and motivating creative, made a huge difference in not only helping Culturelle survive, but thrive. Whether it was taking defensive measures or going on the offensive, Grok helped Culturelle navigate the marketplace and launch new products to beat the big guys back.

Between 2014 and 2015, the brand experienced double-digit sales growth, outpacing the category. And today, Culturelle is the #1 leading probiotic brand with sales that have surged over 1000% from where they began six years ago.
Culturelle Kids is the #1 Pediatrician and #1 Pharmacist recommended probiotic brand for kids. And with Grok’s work, Culturelle Kids has experienced double-digit growth, making it the leader among probiotic brands for kids.
Culturelle, the #1 probiotic brand in the U.S., launched Pro-Well 3-in-1 as part of their new line of probiotics for everyday wellness. It’s the first probiotic that goes beyond digestive and immune health to also offer heart health support through omega-3s. Grok’s created an iconic visual countdown to highlight Pro-Well 3-in-1’s unique attributes: three healthy benefits and two key ingredients, all in one complete capsule. The “3-2-1” integrated campaign launched in May 2016 via national cable television, print, online video and a digital banner.
Recently, Grok introduced a new product that combines the power of antioxidants, Vitamin-C, and probiotics for extra immune protection. Official results are not in yet, but early indicators suggest they’re nothing to sneeze at.
In 2009, Zicam, a homeopathic cold remedy brand, suffered a product recall and ceased all marketing. By 2012, it was virtually unknown in the cough and cold category. (And what people did remember wasn’t particularly good.)

Zicam needed to relaunch its brand, tell a complicated product story, and compete in an overcrowded category with a media budget that was a fraction of its competitors.

To be effective, you have to take Zicam within the first 24 hours of the first signs of a cold. Grok’s strategic idea was to create a new category of cold medicine, the Pre-Cold™ category. The creative idea was based on the insight that people don’t catch colds, colds catch people. Which lead us to create a disgustingly lovable character, the Cold Monster™, the personification of a nasty, full-blown cold.

The campaign succeeded on every metric. One month after launch, sales grew 11.4% vs. a year ago. Daily unique visits to the website increased 46%. Twitter mentions increased 113%. There were 14,000 new “likes” on Facebook and 23,000 views of the commercial and videos on YouTube.
Zicam Naturals Cough Suppressant fights coughs naturally with Mentha Piperita, and comes in Honey Lemon and Mixed Berry flavors. Bears love the taste of honey and berries. And have you ever heard a bear cough? Exactly.
  • Banners and landing page created in partnership with JMX2.

Zicam Extreme Congestion Relief and Zicam Intense Sinus Relief both suffered from low awareness. A real shame, since so many people suffer from colds and allergies. Grok brought products and people together with a digital program that included banners and a landing page.
  • Website created in partnership with Primacy.

Following the successful launch of AirWatch, VMware needed a way to communicate its growing influence in enterprise mobility, and drive traffic to its online news portal. Grok created an interactive campaign that brought case studies to life in the form of “Story Graphics”—immersive interactive worlds that tell in-depth stories of how VMware is transforming industries.

In partnership with VMware, Grok launched the initial five Story Graphics at its business mobility event in June 2015. Traffic to the website jumped over 250% in the first week. Since then, the Story Graphics have been viewed in over 125 countries. And there’s more to come.
Luxaire Air Conditioning Systems, distributed by ABCO, has supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation for years. The challenge was striking the right tone – balancing commerce and charity – to communicate to consumers this special relationship. Grok created an iconic campaign that radiated warmth and established a halo effect for the brand.
  • Landing page created in partnership with JMX2

  • Logo created in partnership with Trüf.

D’Agostino, a family-owned chain of New York-based supermarkets, wanted to create a biannual event that would increase store traffic and loyalty card membership. So Grok created the Managers Gone Wild Sale, casting the real D’AG managers. Customers went, well, wild for it.
With strategic insight and a deep understanding of the customer, Grok has helped AZO attain and maintain its position as the #1 most trusted urinary and vaginal health brand. Grok’s advertising continues to produce a 20% lift in sales year over year. The recent launch of AZO Cranberry Gummies drove double-digit growth. Supported in TV and digital, the campaign produced 100% incremental sales and considerable growth in Walmart.
Grok’s launch of AZO Bladder Control was based on the insight that our target needs to know where bathrooms are located when they go out. While it was a moderate success, Grok and the client felt there was an opportunity to follow it up with a harder-hitting insight. The new creative based on a revised communication strategy increased sales by 95%.
Taleo, a talent management software company, came to Grok for a global campaign that would differentiate itself from its competitors. Not only did the “Talent Intelligence Knows” campaign stand out, it attracted the attention of Oracle, who then acquired Taleo. Sigh. Sometimes you can do your job too well.
VMware’s Human Resources Department called on Grok to develop a new recruitment strategy and communication program to articulate VMware’s unique culture as well as attract the best and brightest in the IT industry.
IT has been shifting from a hardware-defined world to a software-defined world. For people who manage infrastructure, mobility, security, and cloud computing, change can be difficult.

To let them know that VMware’s Software-Defined Data Center can make life easier, Grok created a series of web videos that brought the message home. Well, make that their home away from home.
After VMware acquired AirWatch for $1.54 billion, Grok was tasked with creating a global campaign to raise awareness of what VMware’s largest acquisition really meant: Now, just like that, VMware became the leader in enterprise mobility management and security.
Drive, one of the fastest growing global manufacturers of medical equipment, was known primarily for making high quality, but non-technical medical equipment like walkers, canes and commodes. Determined to transform their image through strategic acquisitions, they first acquired Inovo/CHAD respiratory products and came to Grok for a campaign that would breathe new life into the brand. Later, when Drive entered the power mobility business with their acquisition of ActiveCare, Grok created the PowerCare™ program that helped further change brand perceptions and improve sales.
While American companies are building large-scale transformers outside the U.S., Efacec, a Portuguese company, is actually building them right here in Georgia for American utility companies. Who knew? Not enough people. So, Grok gave Efacec’s story a voice with a uniquely American accent.
A highly celebrated New York restaurateur had the recipe for great burgers. But what she didn’t have was the recipe for a great QSR brand. Grok was the brand integrator, playing a key role in everything from logo design, menu design, architecture and PR. We even did some ads.
What calcium does for your bones, BrainStrong does for your brain. Just one problem, adults don’t really consider taking a “vitamin” for their brain. We succeeded to get people to think about something they never think about: brain health.
As a leader in sales management software, CallidusCloud was an authority in pretty much everything "sales" related, except one: selling themselves. In only 3 months, Grok delivered a new brand strategy, a new brand architecture; reorganizing a confusing array of product offerings, and a new corporate identity system. More recently, CallidusCloud called on us to create a brand film and their first-ever national TV spot.
The Make-A-Wish Foundation was losing contributions to other philanthropies perceived as more “serious.” Grok’s strategic insight was that behind every kid’s wish to go to Disney World or meet a celebrity, there was another unspoken, more profound, wish to regain control of life, to forget about being sick and just be a kid again. Our “Wish Behind the Wish” strategy informs the way Make-A-Wish communicates with donors, sponsors and the public at large. Contributions have significantly increased, enabling Make-A-Wish to grant more wishes than ever in its history.
Grok positioned i-cool, one of two menopause brands in the i-Health portfolio, as single-minded relief for the physical symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats. And we understood that women in menopause wear layers of clothing to help them get through their hot flashes, especially when it hits them in public.
VMware | One Cloud
VMware | Even More VMware
Drive Medical
VMware | Story Graphics
New York Burger Co.
"The Grok team is passionate, involved, and committed – they pride themselves on understanding your business and consumer as well as you do.  You will truly feel that they are an integral part of your team and your success!"
- Jane Wadler
Senior Vice President, Marketing, i-Health
"Grok has been a strong strategic and creative partner for us in developing a global advertising campaign that is helping raise the awareness of VMware. I value the team, their collaboration, ability to turn work around quickly, and the strategic thinking behind their proposals."
- Barbara Baldwin
Director, Brand and Advertising, VMware
"Grok grabbed hold of the brand benefits and delivered strategic insight that was unequaled in the pitch process.  Moreover, they translated that insight into a campaign that blows conventional wisdom out of the water.  As a result of the creativity and strategic thinking of the Grok team, we expect to drive Zicam to new heights and completely redefine how the consumer thinks about and treats her cold. Finally, we're having a ton of fun with Grok as part of our broader team."
- M'lou Arnett
CEO, Zicam
"Grok instinctively grasped how to build the perfect bridge between Luxaire premium air conditioning systems and our relationship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. (Something a previous agency couldn't do even after six months.) Within a couple of weeks, Grok came back with a big idea that created a halo-effect for the Luxaire brand. And they executed the idea flawlessly across multiple media platforms. What started out as limited regional effort exceeded all expectations and we are expanding it nationally."
- Michael Senter
CEO, ABCO HVACR Supply Corp.
"Working with Grok has been a pleasure! They have become true business partners. They understand our business challenges and embrace the opportunities with sound strategic vision. Their creativity and execution has been spot on and have helped us achieve tremendous success over the last 2 years. So glad we left our 'big' agency and hired Grok!"
- Susan Lewis
Vice President of Marketing, i-Health
"I love working with Grok! They take ownership of our company’s performance and truly are members of our marketing team. We get strong strategic thinking and creative that translate into increased market share. We get senior level thinking at all times as the head of the agency is involved in all strategic conversations. They also take client service to the next level, they treat you like you are their only client."
- Chris Halliday
Director of Women's Health, i-Health
"We were looking for three things to launch our new branding campaign for the InStyler brand.  We wanted an agency who understands how to talk with and create a relationship with women, understands how to balance the branding message with the need to communicate individual product benefits, and understands how to do so within our budget constraints. We've found Grok to embody all three of those principles with the added bonus of being bright, enthusiastic individuals who are a pleasure to work with."
- Mark Levine
Partner, InStyler
"Grok is smart, fast and delivers great value for us. We needed a promotional idea that could run twice a year. The Managers Gone Wild campaign they created is true to our brand, has been a hit with our customers and stores, and just keeps getting better and better."
- Nick D'Agostino III
President & CEO, D'Agostino Supermarkets
"Hey, I know we have great burgers, but it was Grok that brilliantly created our brand and separated us from the pack! They are driving our future."
- Madeline Poley
"I brought in Grok to add strategic and creative firepower to our existing agency roster. Grok blew us away. Not only did they bring a fresh and more insightful strategic point of view, the quantity and quality of their creative was impressive for an agency of any size. After working on one project, word spread within the company and they were given more work. Grok gets it."
- Dave Kroll
General Manager, Australia/New Zealand/Asia, Alberto Culver
"Being able to tap into the vast experience and cutting-edge marketing savvy that Julie Bauer and the Grok team provide is an invaluable asset to us at the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York. We truly appreciate the insights, ideas and knowledge Grok shares with us and their positive impact on our chapter's marketing and messaging."
- Patricia H. Clemency
President and CEO, Make-A-Wish Foundation of Metro New York
Grok is an independent, full-service integrated agency located in NYC’s Flatiron District, with over 25 employees and $75 million in billings.

True to our name, we create deep emotional connections and balance ever-changing technology with unchanging humanity.


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Tod Seisser

Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer

A meticulous art director and designer, Tod has created award-winning work for the world's most iconic brands. Prior to Grok, as Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi New York, he raised creative standards on such clients as Johnson & Johnson, General Mills, Beck's Beer, Kodak, UBS and P&G. In fact, Tod was instrumental in laying the foundation for P&G's creative awakening, fueling a process that led them to be named Advertiser of the Year at Cannes.

Tod has also held positions of creative leadership at JWT, Ammirati & Puris and Levine Huntley Schmidt & Beaver, where at age 27, he became the agency's youngest Creative Director. His experience at those agencies included UPS, Citizen Watches, Seagram's, Maidenform, Rolling Rock Beer, Nikon, RCA and Phillips’ Milk of Magnesia (much more fun than it sounds).

Tod serves on the Creative Review Board of the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, has taught at the School of Visual Arts and is a past Vice President of One Club for Art and Copy.

Julie Bauer

Founding Partner, Chief Executive Officer

Julie, CEO and Head of Strategy, is passionate when it comes to uncovering the truth about how people interact with brands. She has a refreshingly honest, no-nonsense approach and totally groks that a strategy is useless if it doesn't lead to an inspiring creative idea.

Previously, Julie was Global Strategist for IBM at Ogilvy & Mather. Prior to Ogilvy, Julie spent nine years with Saatchi & Saatchi, first as CEO of Saatchi San Francisco and then relocating to London to run Saatchi's P&G, Sony, Visa and T-Mobile businesses across EMEA, while also running Guinness in Asia and Africa.

Julie's ability to understand consumers is matched by her ability to understand clients’ needs as well, having worked on the client side of the table, twice: early in her career as VP of Marketing at Commodore Computers and later on as EVP Global Advertising at Motorola.

Julie’s philanthropic interests include Children of the Night and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, of which she’s on the New York Board of Directors.

Steve Landsberg

Founding Partner, Chief Creative Officer

Steve believes great work is simple, surprising and always combines a human insight and a business insight. A visually-oriented copywriter who originally studied art direction at New York’s School of Visual Arts, Steve has won every major industry award for creativity, as well as effectiveness.

Prior to Grok, Steve was Co-Chief Creative Officer of DDB New York, returning to the same agency he started his career at. Before that, as Creative Head of Ogilvy Toronto, Steve dramatically increased the profile of the agency, improving business growth by over 50% and moving the agency to #3 from #17 in awards won. His blue-chip brand experience includes American Express, Coca-Cola, Deloitte Consulting, General Motors, Hershey, IBM, Jaguar, Kraft, P&G, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Timex and UPS.

Steve has taught advertising at the Miami Ad School, Concordia College and the School of Visual Arts, from which he graduated and received the Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Media Arts.

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